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Dolores Batselaere

Real Estate Promotor /
Interior and Exterior Design, Landscaping & Decoration

Dolores founded her company in 1999 as a CEO to dedicate her fully in her Passion to Design, Renovate and Decorate.

She started in Belgium building luxurious Country Homes with her company ‘Wood Cottage Property’.

Although business was good and already published in various magazines, she chose in the summer of 2007 to trade the often-grey skies of Waterloo for the Sun and more Peaceful Living of Ibiza.

Dolores ‘passion’ since then with ‘Dolores B Projects’ is to invest in neglected houses and to transform them into luxurious homes ‘Coup de Coeur.’ She achieves this by a full Technical and Esthetical Renovation from the Inside and the Outside, which includes landscaping its Surroundings.

Her Aim is for future owners to ‘ENJOY’ settling in with bliss and no worries in their Dream Home. If the new owners still have some additional personal request with the need of a little transformation, Dolores is happy to fulfil those needs with the help of her Team.

Faithful to a true Ibiza, Dolores’ own unique style made her known & recognised on the island and her projects have been published in various European Decoration magazines.


* Parsons School of Design at the University of Paris
* IDEP School of Design in Barcelona


In Paris, Annecy and Cannes (F)
London (GB), Barcelona (ES) Rio de Janeiro (Br)
Waterloo (B) and now living in Ibiza since 2007.


French, Dutch, Spanish and English